Alger Sunday Market

We are 5 weeks away from the beginning of the Alger Sunday Market. I am sorry to say, I will not be there for the first day of the season. I bought the love of my life, David, Candlebox tickets for that Sunday and promised him a whole adventure. And, part of the reason for me doing this is so I can spend my time with those I love. So, MY, debut into the market circuit is going to be Sunday July, 29th. The market runs every Sunday from the 22nd of July Thru October 7th. There is one alternate day in there. We will be having the Market on Saturday September 1st instead of on Sunday the second. That is because there is a super fun, fund raiser at the community hall that day and we all participating.

I just love this little community I have moved into. From the very beginning, I have felt welcome and included. Alger is not so much a town as rather a roadside attraction on the way from Burlington to Bellingham. The town consists of the Alger Bar and Grill that serves excellent fried chicken, with a friendly, if somewhat eclectic staff. A motel, a church, a couple of convenience stores, and an active community center. 

So, come see us this summer. Come and shop the eclectic collection of booths at our market. Then maybe spend some time walking the labyrinth that was constructed last summer. We really take pride in our little community and look forward to sharing that with you.


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