New Products and What's in Development

I have a lot of exciting things coming up this year. I have a tentative schedule that is posted on my Facebook page Amy's Herbal Apothecary and I will post it here as soon as I get confirmation. This is one of those things as a business owner I know I am not supposed to divulge, but I didn't go into business for myself to follow someone else's rules. I believe in transparency and that is what you will get. 

I would like to do better at maintaining my web presence but I am currently all the employee's I have and my time is limited. I have to learn every new computer thing I do. It is time consuming and sometimes frustrating. I dream of the day that I can hire someone to do the things that are difficult for me but I have faith that you will understand and grow with me as I learn.

New Products Available Now

Simply Salve- Cleavers

Cleavers are a lymphatic herb. It is edible, it is medicinal, and more to me than just a pain in the garden. This Simple Salve makes a great massage rub for breasts and lymph glands. Makes an wonderful addition to self breast exams. Cleavers are also good for wounds, eczema.

Simply Salve- Devils Club

I am so excited about this herb. One day I will write a whole post just on Devils Club. I have wild harvested using ethical harvesting practices. With wicked spines on every part of this plant it makes for an interesting harvest. Devils Club Salve is used for pain. Joint pain, muscle pain, back pain. 

Simply Salve- Lavender

I have been asked for Lavender products all year and here it is. Lavender Buds infused in Olive Oil, make up this beautiful salve. Just a hint of the Lavender fragrance from the oil infusion remains. Lavender is soothing to the skin, soothing to the mind and great for bug bites, burns and wounds.

Simply Salve- Nettle Leaf

I love Nettles, I love them sautéed, I love them in my tea as a tonic, I love them ground into a powder in soap (soap is a new project). Nettles in salve are good for the skin, good for joint pain.

Simple Blends Collection

Just A Pain

The first of this new collection of blended salves without added fragrance. A general pain relief salve takes some of my favorite pain herbs, Arnica, Devils Club and Solomon's Seal make up the base of this fantastic salve.

Love Your Breasts

A wonderful Breast Balm to massage into your breasts during self breast exam or when getting out of the shower. The lymph glands in your armpits are essential to expelling toxins from your body. Often they get backed up with deodorants, sweat or lack of movement. A regular massage of the breasts and lymph glands helps to release some of this back up that can lead to cysts or other troubles. Both Cleavers and Violet Leaves are the stars of this salve. Both known to promote lymph and breast health.

Coming Soon

There are a few new products in the Simple Blends Collection that have not been made yet because I am waiting for a few of the herbs to finish infusing. I could use a quicker method but I like taking the time to do cold infusions. There is no chance of burning the oils this way ensuring a quality product.

Simple Blends

Unwound Me- An all around wound salve good for many wounds. No fragrance added.

No Fungi- A salve for fungal issues such as athletes foot or nail fungus.

Don't Be Rash- I have been surprised this last year at how many people are suffering from eczema and other severe skin issues. This is a blend for you. 

Gardener's Joy- My goals of producing most of my own herbs this year has left my hand sore, rough, and broken. I am creating a salve to soften and heal my garden abused hands. It wouldn't be so bad if I wore gloves, but I love the feel of the soil on my hands.

I am also repackaging my body balms into 2oz and 1oz tins. I find that I prefer using the product from this packaging. These will all be available this spring.

In Development

Soap- I am working on a line of soaps that complement my salves and balms. Currently I am testing recipes and will have testers available at the market if you are interested. On the racks now: Cocoa-Flax Bar, Kombucha Soap, Dave's Soap. It will probably be at least until next year before I have solid recipes ready for sale.

Sugar Hand Scrubs- This is a project I started last year and I couldn't find a formula that I liked. I felt like I needed to take a shower just to get the oil off. To me this defeated the purpose. This year, I discovered that if I shred some of my handmade soap and mixed it into the scrub that it had the qualities I am looking for. This product is in the process of the time test. How long will it last? Will it require a preservative (if it does, it will not make the cut)? How will it be in 6 months? A year? This may or may not make the cut this year.

Hydrosols- Essential Waters, Floral Waters, there are many ways to refer to this product. This is the herbal waters that are left from the steam distillation of essential oils. I used to think of hydrosols as the by product of essential oil making. After learning how to make essential oils I have reversed that thought. The amount of essential oils that are produced in this process amazed me. I have begun questioning the sustainability and ethics of using essential oils. This is why I am focusing on my unscented products this year. I would like to get to the point that any fragrance I use is produced by me (or my staff when I get one). I grieve the idea of giving up the beautiful fragrances so floral waters are my answer. Hydrosols can be used for many things; Cleaning products, linen sprays, room sprays, facial toner, this list goes on and I am not even sure I am aware of all the potential uses for these products.

Hair and Bath Teas- I love Hair tea. I have given up shampoo and conditioner in my quest to eliminate sulfates and other questionable ingredients in commercial products I turned to herbal infusions to cleanse my hair and scalp without striping my hair shafts. I have course, dry hair and it has been a struggle my whole life. Since I have switched, my hair is softer, it doesn't tangle when wet, it is easy to get a comb through and for the first time in my life, when I went for a hair cut the stylist didn't try to sell me products. Bath teas will be my answer to the essential oil issue in my bath. Using fragrant herbs like chamomile and lavender, with mineral salts and maybe some organic powdered goats milk, placed in a muslin bag to soak in the bath I think will be a delightful experience.

I hope you enjoy the new products as much as I love developing and making them. 


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