Simply Salve Collection

I have been having a "making" day today. I am finally finished with the tedious breaking down of recipes, and noting all the little details that go into everything. It is now time to fill the shelves. I love this part of the process. I sit here writing, as I wait for the current batches of Simply Salves to cure enough that I can move them and start the next round of making.

I am not going to go into the complete details of each salve in the collection today. I hope to get around to doing a series of posts on the properties of each of the herbs that I use, but that will be as time allows. I do want to highlight the collection now however. 

Because of the very simplicity of the products, I feel that they may get over looked for some of the flashier products that will be coming down the road. Take the Yarrow Salve for example. I have ouch ointment, and others in mind that will do the job. The other day after making a batch and writing it up, I slashed my finger open with a pair of gardening shears. I had just written that yarrow was good to stop bleeding, so I decided to try it out, IT WORKED! The bleeding stopped immediately and I was able to assess if I needed stitches or not (I probably did, but I didn't get them).

Another great thing about the Simply Salves is that they are fragrance free. In the last 6 months that I have been working on getting my initial collections together, I have been asked about fragrance free products more times than I can count. Many people have sensitivities to scents. And while I only use pure essential oils in my products, the fragrance can be strong. With the Simple Salves, you can mix and match your own personal, fragrance free blends. Such as, mixing a little Echinacea some Violet Leaf would be excellent to soothe skin irritations. Or Yarrow with Plantain to stop bleeding and heal cuts.

As much as I love mixing and playing with the essential oils (I do choose for uses of oils rather than fragrance) I also love the simplicity that nature provides. I hope you take the time to explore these deceptively simple salves. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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